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The training videos we've added here are very interesting, but so far have been simply shot on ipods and automatic cameras. The plan is to begin shooting them in High Definition and getting them professionally edited to improve the quality dramatically. We think you'll enjoy them anyway!

VIDEO – Boxing Training Short Promo

A really quick and easy boxing and fitness training video set to some emotive music that builds up in speed and intensity. Although Tye is serious about the fitness work he does, he spends as much time as needed helping you to relax, have more confidence in your own abilities, builds up your inner strength and will always make you laugh and take life a little bit lighter too.


If he doesn’t make you laugh more than once

– your session is FREE!

VIDEO – Boxing Training For Fun And Fitness

Tye does an early morning training session in the Broadwater Parklands with Genie (who played World Cup Hockey in 2002 and is a seasoned boxing training client) and Re (a newbie to the sport).

Watch how they get in the zone.
Hear them all laugh out loud.
Be inspired by their strong focus.

VIDEO – Sam Blyth And Tye Blyth Training Promo

Father and son are inspired to a spontaneous pad work session over the Christmas holidays in the back garage – 2010. Sam had 72 fights as a senior boxer, won the amateur Australian title in 2009 light-heavy weight division, in 2011 also won the Australian heavy weight title campaign at a weight of only 84 kilos (Melbourne), has a professional boxing licence and partakes in professional MMA and Combat 8. Sam was trained by his dad as a kid, but he attributes all the hard work to Sean Nash from Balga Boxing Club (Western Australia).

A very proud father. “He walks beside him all the way!”

The speed, agility, skill, focus, intent and intensity is evident, like never before.

VIDEO – Old School Boxing And Fitness Techniques

Tye and Chelsea training … showing skipping warm-ups, pad work, balance exercises, strength training and footwork using NATURAL FITNESS TECHNIQUES with chains, truck tyres, sandbags, ropes, weights, swiss ball, water containers etc which are readily found around the home – no gym membership needed.

cost to you = zero
benefits = priceless