About The Sessions

Tye has been a coach and personal trainer for over 30 years and has worked with some of the worlds top boxers. He realised that people outside the boxing field could also gain by using similar techniques. As a result he created a series of flexible exercises for people of varying ages and fitness levels to help them achieve whatever physical, mental and emotional goals they might have – whether it be through personal sessions or in a class/group/team/school training program.

Most personal trainers in Australia charge $70 per hour upwards. He insists on having an affordable price for everyone, yet knows how important it is to make a full commitment (mental, financial and emotional) to improve your long term health, stamina, mental focus, bone density, physical strength, body shape and general wellbeing.

“No one needs to decline with age,
but each limiting belief you hold, will kill you quicker over time!” – ER

Techniques: Tye predominantly works with what is called, OLD-SCHOOL NATURAL FITNESS techniques, where you make use of items which are readily found around the home – so there’s no gym membership needed, no time to get ready needed, no excuses needed either. It’s so much easier when you can just grab a skipping rope for some aerobic exercise, pick up a water container as weights, step up and down from an old stack of car tyres for agility, play on a swiss ball to strengthen your focus, walk along a brick fence for balance, lift some heavy chains for strength etc.

He’ll teach you the basics so you can train independently whenever you want but is always available if you need that added inspiration on a regular basis too. Tye carries everything required around with him in the ute and will show you the incredible benefits of working one-on-one with boxing pads; he’s even successfully trained someone who’s been declared legally blind.

Prices: His ridiculously cheap price of $50 per session is available today.
5 x sessions = $225
10 x sessions = $400
Couples = $75 per session

Bonus: People tend to have such a good time with Tye that we’ve decided to throw in a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE just for fun – If he doesn’t make you laugh more than once – the session is FREE!

Times and Places: He’s totally mad, but loves getting up at 4.30am to train you in any of the Gold Coast Beach Parks located around Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Main Beach, Southport, Labrador, Biggera Waters, Runaway Bay, Ephraim Island, Hollywell, Paradise Point and as far up as Sovereign Island. Even if it’s raining, there’s always adequate shelter, and there’s nothing like the feeling of a fresh breeze, the sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean water to stimulate your senses.

Other times also available up until 7.30 pm in the evening to suit your schedule.

What to Bring: Bring along a large bottle of water for hydration and wear comfortable loose clothing and runners or trainers on your feet.

Bookings: We’ll probably setup a website booking form eventually, but for now, just phone Tye directly on 0410503609 to make your appointment – and see if you can hold back the laughter so you can get your next session free … but good luck with that!