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About Tye Blyth – the man, the trainer, the author

The Man: Tye was born to humble beginnings in the U.K. before moving to Australia in the 90’s. He is now a personal trainer, boxing and fitness coach, inspirational speaker and part time actor currently living on the Gold Coast.

The Trainer: He specializes in teaching old school boxing techniques for fitness, health and fun, coaching people from all walks of life, a broad range of ages (from 9 to 90) and varying fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned athlete, have what you think might be a disability or you’re a newcomer to the sport, this style of training will help you feel more supple, more alert, more focused, more coordinated and more alive than you’ve probably ever felt in your life. At the very least it will uplift your spirits, improve your general wellbeing and emotional disposition … and hey, here’s the kicker …

If he doesn’t make you laugh more than once – the session is FREE!

The Author: There are times through his life Tye has felt the impulse to write poetry to express his deeper thoughts. These have resonated with so many people, we’ve decided to compile them into a soft cover photo book and downloadable PDF for your enjoyment.

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